Mom- the OG influencer

“While beauty influencers have millions of global followers, mothers are the most influential in shaping peoples beauty routines around the world.”

(IPSOS Report, June 2019)

Unlike mood swings, healthy habits & a positive mindset don’t just appear out of nowhere. Everyone needs to be shown how to take care of themselves. bette green’s making it easy for moms to get our daughters started off on the right foot with beautiful basics that shows them we can take care of ourselves without taking ourselves too seriously! Beauty doesn’t have to be a complicated, soul-crushing perfection seeking pursuit. bette green is about ease, acceptance and finding the joy during this time in your life.

Moms, I know at times it may be hard to believe, but during these in between years, as our daughters transition from little girl to tween and beyond, we, yes-we, are still their primary influence. What we say & do matters to them, so what do we want to share with them? I don’t know about you, but I want to pass down practices that encourage my daughter to feel comfortable in her skin and confident using her voice.

For me, staying positive, taking care of myself, knowing I’m putting my best face forward helps me feel good in my skin, no matter what. Getting our girls on a daily skincare routine may take some time at first, but once started it can encourage our daughters to feel in control of their bodies, minds and spirts. Practicing a daily ritual can give them those much needed few minutes each day to tune the noise out and check in with themself. I really believe if we can give our girls opportunities to sow even the smallest seeds of self-love and self-care the benefits reaped for her are immeasurable. Now that’s a job well done, mom!