Our Story

Summers spent in Mexico with my grandmother & extended family taught me that it’s never too early to begin a skincare routine and  that beauty has the power to connect generations. Everyone needs to be taught how to take good care of themself and everyone deserves safe, quality skincare. Unfortunately, todays tweens are being fed an endless cycle of tips and trends in skincare by just about anyone and everyone. This constant barrage leaves girls feeling confused, misinformed and in the worst cases- with damaged skin! There is no trusted voice in the tween skincare space. That’s where bette green comes in.
Determined to clean-up and uncomplicate the beauty landscape for my daughter, and girls everywhere, I created a trend-proof, naturally clean skincare brand making it easier for moms to pass down beauty rituals to their tweens & easier for them to take control and feel good in their skin.
At the heart of bette green is our shared beauty experience and the lifelong connection this can create between us. A mom doesn’t just buy bette green for her daughter, she passes it down to her. 
xo Sarah Bette Green