Our story

Hi Moms!

My name is Sarah and I’m the everything behind bette green. I live in Los Angeles, CA, with my hubby and our 2 kids. For my whole life, I’ve spent every summer in Mexico with my maternal grandmother and extended family. It was there I experienced how beauty has the power to connect us to the people we love.

Thanks to my mom, I started using natural & gentle skincare from a young age.  When I became a mom, I dove even deeper into the natural & organic world of skincare for myself & for my babies. As my daughter started to grow up she needed an everyday essential to clean off the sweat, sunblock, and variety of air pollutants that accumulated on her sweet face. I couldn't find anything that was high-quality, fuss-free, and just felt good to use.

I set out to create a safe, natural & efficacious cleanser that’s naturally clean, cruelty-free, vegan and above else, easy to use - so it gets used! I expected a cleanser that would be good for all skin types, but what I got was one that works for all ages too. An ageless cleanser balm that makes as much sense in my medicine cabinet as in hers. We can even share.

bette green builds on my family’s traditions by creating multigenerational  skincare celebrating the beauty moments that bring us together. 


Sarah Bette Green