Our founder


I’m Sarah Bette Green, founder of bette green. I was born & raised in a multi-cultural home in Los Angeles, CA, and spent summers in Mexico with my very large, very female-centric extended family. My time in Mexico was hands-down the best part of my childhood, so much so, that I now take my own kids there every summer. My favorite memories are staying up past my bedtime with my mom, grandma and aunts when their hair would come down, the make-up would come off, and the real talking took place. I felt so grown-up partaking in their rituals and I never forgot how beauty sparked so much conversation and a truly deep connection between the women in my life.

The relationships I share with the women in my family, and above all the relationship with my daughter, are the inspiration behind bette green. I have an unapologetic love for the female experience and believe the magic of becoming a woman is a rite of passage that should be celebrated with the people who love you most and will always have your back!