Naturally Clean, Easy-to-use Skincare

Modernizing how Beauty's shared between generations


As seen on The TODAY Show

"I like how it's not a squeeze it on your hand and rub but that it's just on the stick and ready to apply.  It's a great size and smell too!"

Sylive, 11

"I love the size because I can stick it in my travel bag and don't have to go without it for a single night. And the cleansing balm smells so fresh and clean!"

Alexa, 11

“I love my bette green! Ever since I started cleansing my skin with the facial stick, it’s made washing fun. I love how silky and clean my skin feel afterwards. Oh and I also love the scent”

Lila, 10

“I love this stick because it works!  It’s very soothing and a lot easier to use than other cleansers because you rub it on first and then wet your face so you aren’t a dripping mess. It smells so good and makes my face feel softer and cleaner.”

Olivia, 11