The beauty connection

Since my daughter was born, her nightly bath routine became a special time for us to connect. Now that she’s older, that once daily bonding time has naturally come to an end but the desire to remain close hasn’t and neither has the need for safe products!

While it was easy for me to find clean & natural products for my daughter as a baby and even young kid, now that she’s growing up it’s become way harder to find options for her that aren’t too babyish or cheesy and that meet my uber high ingredient standards.

After searching online and in aisles and continuously coming up empty-handed, I decided to take the bull by the horns. Creating the bette green Cleansing Stick took years (yes, years) to get right but the result is a product that is easy to use, great for the skin, and just happens to smell amazing too. Most importantly, it gives us moms a new kind of tool to connect with our daughters. Happy beauty bonding!